Airinum Review

Airinum Review
Airinum Review

Get Protected, Be Trendy

Discretionary masks? Please remember that becoming green is in right now. Airinum gives you the ability to breathe more intelligently and live more comfortably rather than choosing one-time use face covers. The ‘world’s most sophisticated air mask,’ which aids in preventing pollutants, pollen, and unwelcome microbes from entering your system, is available for purchase from this online store.

It should not be surprising that face masks are in high demand in the COVID-19 age. Since Airinum has over 46.6k followers on Instagram, there’s a strong chance you already know a lot about them. Additionally, they are discussed in a number of media publications, such as CNN, Hypebeast, and The New York Times.

Are used masks clogging up your garbage can? Maybe it’s time to start using greener approaches. Continue reading to learn more about Airinum and how this review can help you determine if it’s worth checking out the company, its goods, customer reviews, promos, and more.

Airinum Review

Airinum’s Story

The epidemic completely paralyzed the planet in the late spring of 2020. The economy was in freefall, New York’s streets were deserted for the first time ever, and we started a thrilling descent into quarantine lunacy. We were challenged with adding a new piece of clothing—the face mask—to our regular wardrobe.

Naturally, it makes sense that businesses would begin producing face masks to satisfy rising demand. On the other hand, Airinum was around before the epidemic. Alexander Hjertstrom, Fredrik Kempe, Johannes Herrmann, and Mehdi Rejraji started this Swedish company.

Instead of using disposable face masks, Airinum makes reusable masks with built-in filtration against bacteria and pollutants. They have contributed to raising awareness of bad air quality and public health since their introduction in 2004.

According to a thought-provoking comment given by the corporation, Airinum will keep concentrating on two fundamental principles as part of its corporate mission…

“We started Airinum with a vision to create a world where everyone can breathe clean and healthy air. To get there, our mission is two-folded; 1) we exist to create products that can empower people to live healthy lives regardless of their surroundings, and 2) be part of raising awareness about poor air quality.”

Here are some early highlights before we begin our Airinum review.


  1. An eco-friendly and sustainable replacement for throwaway masks.
  2. Designed with more features and advantages than common face masks.
  3. The company promotes awareness of a number of problems involving poor air quality and public health.
  4. Positive client feedback.
  5. If you spend $125 or more, delivery is free.

I don’t know about you, but since the epidemic began, I’ve amassed a sizable collection of face masks. Depending on what I have on hand, I alternate between using disposable covers and cotton-based alternatives.

Unfortunately, not all designs are made to be comfortable to sit in. This includes a number of drawbacks including restricted straps, heavy, unbreathable material, and face covers that just slide down. I won’t even begin to discuss my hazy spectacles.

If you’re like me, you’re searching for a mask that is comfortable to put on. Fortunately, Airinum has perfected the art of face-covering. You might not even realize you’re wearing anything because to the air filtration, lightweight material, and customizable fit of this product. The masks are available in other styles as well.

This Airinum review will highlight a number of the company’s best-selling products, ranging from attachable filters to the Premium Lite Air Mask, for readers to compare.

Airinum Review

Airinum Masks

The Urban Air Mask 2.0 and the Lite Air Mask are two sets of face masks available from this online retailer. Black, pink, and blue are just a few of the hues that are available for both goods.

Don’t worry; this evaluation of Airinum will help people who require a fast comparison to make their decision. We’ll provide you a detailed analysis of the brand’s top selections to assist you in making that important choice.

The Urban Air Mask 2.0

It’s vital to be safe with the Urban Air Mask 2.0 from Airinum in anticipation of variations and upcoming COVID-19 waves.

This cutting-edge face mask has a smooth, seamless construction and is incredibly light to wear. With built-in filters, CO2 valves, adjustable straps, and a washable skin, this protective armor is unquestionably an improvement above any cotton-based substitute.

The Airinum Urban Air Mask 2.0 has been evaluated at the RISE R&D center in Sweden if you’re concerned about safety. According to reports, it provides 98% protection against dangerous microorganisms and pollutants. Additionally, this face shield resembles high-end professional masks like the N95 respirator quite a bit.

This face mask does not require any micro adjusting because it has a memory foam incorporated nose clip that is adjustable. The best part is that it keeps your glasses from fogging up, which is a lifesaver for people without contacts.

Retailing for $55 instead of $75, the Urban Air Mask 2.0 is offered in pink, black, and light grey.

The Lite Air Mask

Why is it so difficult to locate a reusable black mask these days, I beg you? If I do locate one, it generally costs more than purchasing a 3-pack with various colored and printed designs.

Thankfully, the Lite Air Mask has a straightforward design without any frills. In addition to having a trendy style, this face mask has a number of advantages over cotton-based guards.

Durable filters, 3D air mesh material, flexible loops, and a washable exterior are all features of the Airinum Lite Air Mask. Additionally, it has detachable head clips to assist relieve any stress in the ears.

The Lite Air Mask costs $49 and is designed to keep out airborne microorganisms, smog, and pollution. If black isn’t your favorite color, it’s also available in pink, blue, and cream.

Airinum Accessories

You’re probably thinking, “Face masks have accessories? Who needs ‘em? You better believe that’s what I initially thought when I browsed the Airinum website, but I later came to the conclusion that the money is well spent. In fact, accessories like bags, head straps, and exhalation valves can discourage you from ever again purchasing disposable covers.

The cool accessories highlighted in this Airinum review may be found on the company’s website. Who knows, though? Perhaps it will alter how you wear face masks going forward.

Airinum Review

Mask Bag Pro

Let’s be honest. The majority of us are guilty of putting our face masks in awkward places. If we can’t find our reusable covering, we typically choose the disposable one and put it in handbags or jacket pockets. The Mask Bag Pro maintains your guard spotless and safe for individuals who wish to reduce their usage of single-use disposables.

This handy pocket is a member of the Airinum Accessories line and is made of anti-microbial Polygiene ViralOff fabric. The Airinum Mask Bag Pro is a step above from ordinary cotton carrier since it keeps any unwelcome bacteria from settling in your face mask.

It also comes with a flexible lanyard, which may be attached loosely around your neck or carry-on if you tend to occasionally lose your face mask. The Mask Bag Pro costs about $25 at the moment.

Head Strap

Let’s give our healthcare professionals a round of applause. We must acknowledge the tremendous amount of effort put out in rescuing our loved ones from the grip of COVID-19, considering that the majority of people work 12-hour shifts.

Some nurses and physicians find wearing masks for extended periods of time uncomfortable, despite wearing orthopedic shoes. They don’t have to suffer alone for very long, thankfully.

The Airinum Head Strap helps reduce the strain put on the ears. Users may effortlessly attach their face masks without any additional bother thanks to the design’s adjustable hooks at the rear. It also works brilliantly at relieving any pressure or pain for people who use glasses, hearing aids, or other ear-based accessories.

You may add the $15 Airinum Head Strap to your existing face mask and choose from black, pink, or light grey.

Exhalation Valves

Breathing is difficult for you? By including the Exhalation Valves in your face mask, you can ease the strain on your lungs. This add-on is made specifically to filter out undesired airborne particles for use with the Urban Air Mask 2.0. It is ideal for usage in pandemic situations, but it is also designed for smoggy and polluted cities.

Currently, pink, black, and grey are the available colors for this item. There is a total of two Airinum exhalation valves in this bundle. At checkout, their combined price was $15.

Is Airinum Perfect for You?

I believe it is reasonable to state that everyone may use the Airinum because we are still caught up in the epidemic. Even if you have had all of your vaccinations, face masks must still be a part of your daily attire.

When opposed to single-use disposables, this online store provides a more environmentally friendly option. If anything, it will enable you to cut back on your carbon emissions until COVID-19 is ultimately passed.

Of course, the topic at hand in this Airinum review must be addressed. The masks are expensive, retailing for between $49 and $75. Unless you buy hundreds of face masks every week, it could be wise to choose a cotton-based alternative as a more economical choice.

Customer Reviews

It shouldn’t be surprising that hundreds of individuals are swarming to review sites to express their thoughts on Airinum because face masks are often worn these days. Fortunately, there is broad agreement among buyers that the items are excellent value for the price.

The company’s website has more than 2,876 reviews in total, with an average rating of 4.5/5 stars. Most customers found the Airinum face masks to be comfortable to wear.

Others said that the masks’ superb fit and use gave them a high-quality feel. Take it from two satisfied clients who both gave the business’ website five stars.

“It’s the most comfortable facemask ever; easy to breathe; doesn’t fog my glasses; and looks good. A bonus is that it is comfortable to wear in warm weather for long periods of time.”


“It’s a great mask; it’s very comfortable to wear with a great design and great breathability,” one customer wrote on Airinum. “Very well filtered and fully adjustable for an incredible fit. A very high-end mask.”

The great reviews don’t end there; we also came across a number of heartening comments on websites like Bloomingdale’s, Trustpilot, and Amazon. We’ll let the ratings do the talking.

Bloomingdale’s for the Urban Air Mask 2.0 – 23 reviews with 3.6/5 stars.

Amazon for the Lite Air Mask – 185 reviews with 4.1/5 stars.

TrustPilot 137 reviews with 3.8/5 stars.

Aside from making lofty claims about the quality of the products, most Trustpilot customers concur that the company offers excellent customer service, “The customer service representative was prompt to resolve the issue. After providing photos of items, she immediately re-ordered and mailed. I appreciate her thoroughness and think it’s the best customer service I’ve had in years.”

A great evaluation of Airinum face masks was also given on certain independent blogs, such Breathe Safe Air. As stated by the author, “After using the mask for myself, I can confidently say that it is one of my favourite cloth masks. It fits me very well and it also features some unique elements that are on few other masks – primarily Polygiene’s Stay Fresh technology.”

According to a post by the One Tech Traveller, Airinum masks continue to look well and fit comfortably, “The valves are considerably different from the first generation, sleeker with a circle design and slimmer profile. The first versions were very bulky and protruded outwards; these are far more subtle.”

Despite the positive reviews posted online, our review of Airinum did come across some complaints about the company. For instance, the majority of consumers complained that the cost was unattractive because they were more expensive than a regular cotton face mask. Overall though, I believe it’s safe to conclude that Airinum is a trustworthy company to buy from.

So, Are They Worth It?

Airinum has the highest quality available. These face masks are an excellent value since they have a superior design that easily beats any single-use disposable. There’s a significant probability that you’ll use Airnium’s products for months on end because of the many assets. Additionally, it doesn’t hurt to highlight that by doing this, waste is prevented.

That $65 option might not seem as outrageous if you consider how many disposable face covers each individual wastes in a month. This Airinum review suggests that you give them a look for a company that has been around for more than ten years in the mask business.


Their Shipping Policy

This Airinum review is pleased to inform readers that free express delivery is available on orders totaling $45 or more. Thankfully, they provide worldwide delivery to a few nations, like Canada and Japan. The company will send you a confirmation email and a tracking number so you can keep track of your transaction.

Their Return Policy

Customers have a 30-day opportunity to return their purchases to Airinum. It should be noted that things must be in brand-new condition in order to qualify for returns. Thankfully, the business offers customers a free shipping label to utilize.

Additionally, you have to be aware that the manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee on all face masks and accessories. This policy provides up to a year of coverage for any product flaws or damage.

Customers must get in touch with the company for more information in order to start the return procedure. To get started, you may also scan the QR code offered on the Airinum website.