About us

About us

Since its inception, Mishlers Fitness has turned into a thriving wellness & lifestyle brand, a book, a yoga swing, an incredible community of high vibrational humans, as well as classes and videos from around the globe. Mishlers Fitness has developed a deep love for mind-body healing, plant medicine, manifestation, and a true connection to soul-awakening spirituality.


On the blog you’ll find everything from plant-based food creations to knowledge & wisdom about meditation & ancient healing modalities. You will find a lot of personal anecdotes about healthy and wellness loving people, as well as the joys of using the latest and best athletic equipment and accessories to make your journey worthwhile. You will also find soul awakening meditations, channelled messages from realms above, lessons & teachings, and lots of delicious recipes. If you like hearing about spiritual and physical goodness, then you are in the right place!

Exploration is at the heart of everything we do at Mishlers Fitness—from the studies we cover to the strong science backing up our product reviews and blog. We feature the best research and expertise available in each and every area that we explore.

Committed to the whole you

At the foundation of Mishlers Fitness is the conviction that the different areas of our lives are interconnected with one another. Purpose and meaning come when we are thriving in every area of our life, so here we will nurture and care for every aspect of our lives in order to facilitate full and lasting health.

Quality Sourced

Whether it’s a product we recommend, a doctor we feature, or a class we hope you explore, we are deeply committed to providing you with quality. Our goal is to provide you with information, products, and connections that stand the test of time.