Alex and Ani Review

Alex and Ani Review
Alex and Ani Review

The Universe Speaks To Us In Signs And Symbols. Find Yours

Alex and Ani are recognized for its simple and modern designs. They provide a wide range of accessories, including bracelets, necklaces, rings, necklaces, and more. They also work with well-known pop-cultural influences like Disney, Harry Potter, and the Friends television program.

With over 1 million Instagram followers, Alex & Ani has received attention from the media, including today, the New York Post, and Forbes.

If you’re unfamiliar with this brand, our Alex and Ani jewelry review will teach you all you need to know. This involves investigating their products, customer ratings, incentives, and other factors to determine whether their items are worth purchasing.

Alex and Ani Review

The Story behind Alex and Ani

It all began with a fondness for sparkling things. Carolyn Rafaelian, the company’s founder, grew up working as an apprentice for her father in the jewelry industry. They worked at Cinerama, a jewelry production company in Cranston, Rhode Island. Rafaelian opted to continue in the family company by starting her own in 1966.

In 2004, entrepreneur Carolyn Rafaelian passionately branded Alex and Ani as her very own jewelry business by combining her kids’ first names. When the firm originally began out, they sold five crystal-encrusted cocktail rings.

However, when thousands of jewelry items were added to their inventory, sales began to perk up. Alex and Ani’s characteristic, expanding wires are now well-known. Their jewelry represents 50 years of fine craftsmanship. The designs, which range from Alex and Ani charms to Alex and Ani rings, are fashioned from repurposed materials.

Alex and Ani make certain that their metals are created using safe materials, are nickel-free, and are produced in an environmentally sustainable manner. Their jewelry is handled by a team of more than 1500 people.

Alex and Ani are now a multibillion-dollar corporation. Rafaelian resigned as CEO in 2014 after a controversy, but that’s a story for another day. The firm is still doing strong today.

According to a statement on their website, “We believe in working together to create something bigger than we ever could alone. Creating quality jewelry with integrity in Rhode Island is in our blood. We’re here to empower the community and the human spirit. Our purpose is connection. Our home is Rhode Island,”

Before we get into our Alex and Ani jewelry review, let’s go over some of the brand’s early positives and negatives.


  1. There are many of jewelry options available, including Alex Ani Disney designs, evil eye jewelry, and sister bracelets.
  2. Nickel is not used in any of the jewelry.
  3. A part of Alex and Ani’s profits are given to educational institutions and nonprofit organizations.
  4. Offers AfterPay as a method of payment.
  5. For US orders, regular delivery is free.


  1. Orders placed on a website cannot be altered or refunded.

When you think of jewelry stores, you probably envision high-end boutiques, steep prices, and enormous flashing diamonds. What happened to simple jewelry that may be worn casually? Alex and Ani are recognized for crafting designs that ooze subtle elegance if you’re searching for something that isn’t too obviously spectacular.

There are dozens of styles to pick from, ranging from a heartfelt Alex and Ani mom bracelet to a matching Alex and Ani store best friend necklaces. Perusing through hundreds of jewelry pieces to find the ideal present may be stressful. They have a large selection of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, anklets, and other jewelry. Customers can shop by partnership or symbol as well.

Keep an eye out for our Alex and Ani jewelry review, which will feature a few of their best-sellers to get you started.

Alex and Ani Necklaces

Necklaces are a type of jewelry that can provide comfort. Some of us are emotional about them since we can’t leave the home without them. There is a necklace for every occasion, whether it represents something significant to you or reminds you of someone you love.

Alex and Ani provide a large selection of necklaces ranging from charming charms to simple patterns that go with every outfit. This Alex and Ani jewelry review will feature a few of their most popular models.

The Saint Christopher Necklace

While the Virgin Mary and Jesus remain significant icons in Christianity and Catholicism, this necklace focuses on another important religious figure.

The Saint Christopher Necklace has a Saint Christopher insignia on the main pendant. This biblical emblem is a sacred source of protection and the patron saint of travelers.

He was also known to carry a toddler across a river on his back. This youngster was later discovered to be Jesus. With this in mind, this necklace is great for ardent travelers seeking good fortune and safety.

The chain is available in two finishes: Rafaelian silver and Rafaelian gold. The Saint Christopher Necklace is 32″ long and may also be worn as a choker for a more fashionable look.

The Saint Christopher Necklace is presently on sale for $19 (down from $38 originally). It’s worth noting that his item is final sale.

The Hamsa Necklace

Nobody enjoys poor luck. While life might be unpredictable, we frequently have to pray that things go our way. The Hamsa Necklace is the ultimate symbol to wear to ensure that you are only met with good fortune.

The chain is available in either stunning.925 sterling silver or 14kt gold. A beautifully etched Hamsa sign pendant hangs from the bottom.

This Middle Eastern emblem is a protective talisman used to fend off Ayin Ha’ra, or the evil eye. This necklace will bring reassurance when you are in an uncertain circumstance by warding off any bad energy.

The Hamsa Necklace costs $89. It has a chain length of 21″ and is adjustable to a total length of 18″.

The Moon Necklace

Some individuals like the moon, while others prefer the sun. This is more of a symbolic statement than a literal statement. Some people are quieter and more peaceful, whilst others are more vibrant and enthusiastic.

If you’re more of an introvert, the Moon Necklace was made particularly for you. This Alex and Ani charm necklace is available in three different chain finishes. There is a 14kt rose gold version, a 9.25 sterling silver model, and a 14kt gold version available.

This necklace has a simple crescent moon charm, making it ideal for individuals who are interested in astrology. It’s also adjustable, with a chain length of up to 18″ that may be reduced or lengthened up to 15″. If you identify as a moon spirit, you can have the lovely Moon Necklace for $89.

The Elephant Necklace

Elephants, in their broadest sense, represent strength and power. This Elephant Necklace features an elephant pendant as its major feature to demonstrate your powerful side. This design is part of their Wear for Luck + Prosperity collection and is held by a.925 sterling silver chain, a 14k rose gold chain, or a 14k gold chain.

This is because the elephant represents riches and power. Of course, if elephants are your favorite animal, you may wear this necklace as well. The total chain length may be up to 18″ and can be adjusted to 15″ for a perfect fit.

The emblem portrayed in this Alex and Ani necklace is “considered sacred in India,” according to the website. Elephants have a highly developed sense of empathy and benevolence. They remind us that power does not always have to be physical.” For only $89, you may wear the Elephant Necklace as a good luck charm.

The Feather Necklace

The Feather Necklace is part of their Wear for Faith + Hope line and has a small feather pendant as its primary feature. It is a symbol of light and air, according to the website. It is also seen as a symbol of truth, justice, compassion, hope, and faith.

If you cherish these principles, this piece of jewelry will be a welcome addition to your collection. The chain is available in.925 sterling silver or 14K gold. It measures 18″ in length and can be adjusted up to 15″ in length.

This Feather Necklace would look great with a summer tunic dress and a cropped sweater put on top. This beautiful but meaningful necklace is available for $89.

Alex and Ani Bracelets

Bracelets, depending on their design, may frequently represent your personality. Alex and Ani have a variety of designs in this category, including bangles, charm bracelets, cuffs, and beaded beauties.

So, do you collect charms or do you adore those VSCO girl puka shell bracelets? This Alex and Ani jewelry review will give you our thoughts on some of their most popular pieces.

Friends ‘You’re My Lobster’ Duo Charm Bangle

Declaring that Friends is your favorite TV program is a great way to start a discussion. If you and your best friend share a passion for this 90s comedy, the Friends ‘You’re My Lobster’ Duo Charm Bangle is the ideal birthday present for your BFF. Just don’t be as uncomfortable as Ross was in the episode when you hand it over.

This lovely bangle is constructed of bright silver metal and has a charming red lobster charm suspended from a loop. There’s also a charm that says ‘you’re my lobster.’

‘You’re My Lobster,’ The Friends As a finishing touch, the Duo Charm Bangle has three small silver charms. There’s no need to worry about whether or not it will fit because it expands from 2″ to 3.5″. For $44, you may symbolize the permanence of your friendship (similar to lobsters in a glass tank).

Aunt ‘Trusting Guide’ Charm Bangle

Everyone has a favorite aunt who they look forward to seeing at the next holiday dinner. She isn’t too concerned with the rules, always has interesting things to tell, and has a touch of sass. Rather than a coffee tumbler or a store-bought sweater, choose the Aunt ‘Trusting Guide’ Charm Bangle for a more sentimental touch.

This expanding wire bangle is available in antique silver or gold. It is adorned with a tiny two-sided charm that reads ‘aunt’ on one side and ‘a trusty guide, eternally at my side’ on the other. It also has three little extra charms that hang from the side. The bangle may be adjusted to fit any wrist size between 2″ and 3.5″.

Alex and Ani bangles are one of their most popular jewelry lines, so you can be sure you’re sending your aunt something fashionable. The Aunt ‘Trusting Guide’ Charm Bangle is featured at a low price of $29.

Alex and Ani Review

Pull Chain Cross Bracelet

The Pull Chain Cross Bracelet is the ideal present for individuals who are passionately connected with their faith. It is designed for those who are deeply involved with their faith. The pull chain is offered in 14kt gold or.925 sterling silver. It has a basic yet lovely cross charm that is kept together on the chain’s sides.

This design is not only distinctive, but it also prevents the pendant from swinging about while you move. The simple bracelet can represent hope, prayer, and a devotion to your beliefs. It’s a lovely complement to any rosary or communion pendants you would wear to church.

This item is for you if you want a symbol to keep with you to remind you that you are not alone. It may also be expanded from 5.5″ to 9.5″ in length. The Pull Chain Cross Bracelet is priced at $69.

Sunflower Charm Bangle

The sunflower is typically associated with summer heat, but it is also noted for its symbolism. It begins as a sapling and rapidly climbs in height to reach the sun. It’s the kind of flower that makes you feel awestruck by its beauty and may represent positivity for always looking on the bright side. If this sentiment makes you think of someone important, the Sunflower Charm Bangle is the ideal present to show them you’re thinking of them. This Rafaelian silver bracelet has a beautiful gold-toned sunflower with embellished silver beads functioning as the seeds.

There are three miniscule Alex and Ani charms that hang as a complementing pair to provide extra glitter. This component, which expands from 2″ to 3.5″, provides a perfect fit. With the Sunflower Charm Bangle for only $29, you can show your loved ones that they are a continual light in your life.

Customer Reviews

Customers praised the brand in this Alex and Ani jewelry review. There are over 1219 reviews on Influenster, with an average rating of 4.5/5 stars. Customers have said that their jewelry, particularly their bangles, is stylish, suitable for gift-giving, and reasonably priced.

On Influenster, one reviewer wrote, “Alex and Ani jewelry is seriously taking the jewelry world by storm. I have so many of their bracelets, they stack well with each other as well as other bracelets. They are not too expensive, especially considering the high quality you receive.”

Positive Alex and Ani reviews continue to appear on several of their Amazon product pages. For example, on the Love Rose Gold Charm Bangle Bracelet page, there are over 1,485 global ratings with an average rating of 4.8/5 stars.

The majority of consumers have stated that their jewelry was constructed of high-quality materials. Other shoppers expressed gratitude for their collector purchases and the fact that their pieces may be combined with other bangles and bracelets.

One Amazon reviewer wrote, “I absolutely love everything about Alex and Ani products and this was one of several bangles I selected for my daughter as Christmas gifts 2018. She is building her collection so I will definitely purchase again. Great price and quality, so I would highly recommend to others.”

This Alex & Ani jewelry review discovered a few bad online consumer experiences. Some Alex and Ani customer service complaints have been documented on websites such as Trustpilot and Yelp.

The brand has a Trustpilot rating of more than 1.7/5 stars, however this is based on only 46 reviews. Customers complain that they are sluggish to reply and unhelpful in resolving issues.

Alex and Ani have a 2.5/5 rating based of 62 reviews on Yelp. There have been instances of tarnished bracelets and charms falling off. There were also several difficulties with delayed delivery timeframes.

Final Verdict?

This Alex and Ani jewelry review suggests checking out this brand for its distinctive and reasonably priced range. One of the key advantages of this firm is that they have hundreds of designs to pick from, all of which are reasonably priced.

This makes Alex and Ani relatively competitive when compared to other, more expensive jewelry manufacturers. Furthermore, it’s refreshing to see a jewelry business that isn’t focused on making flashy designs, as the majority of their offerings have a more modest and informal style.

Alex and Ani make certain that their jewelry is eco-friendly, which is always a benefit. They also provide a percentage of their profits to charity organizations.

In terms of drawbacks, there have been reports of significant problems with the customer support personnel. However, there are just too many favorable reviews to overcome this flaw. Alex & Ani’s current designs are worth purchasing for inexpensive, simple jewelry.


Do bracelets from Alex and Ani come packaged?

During checkout, customers can choose to “add a complimentary gift box to order.”

How to wear Alex and Ani bracelets?

The majority of Alex and Ani bracelets include an adjustable function. To acquire the best fit, customers need only push or pull the sliding feature on the bracelet.

Alex and Ani Review

Can you add charms to the Alex and Ani bracelets?

There is no information on adding charms to bracelets on the Alex and Ani company website, according to this jewelry review. On the other hand, you may get online tutorials on YouTube.

Is their jewelry real silver?

Yes, the materials used to make Alex and Ani jewelry are real. Sterling silver 925.

Can you wear the jewelry in the shower?

Customers are encouraged to take off their Alex and Ani jewelry before bathing and swimming, per their website.

Do they ship internationally?

Yes, the company does offer international shipping.

Does jewelry from Alex and Ani come with a warranty?

In-store and online purchases from authorized retailers are covered by a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturing and material flaws.

How can I monitor my jewelry order from Alex and Ani?

Customers may monitor the progress of their orders by using the email confirmation they receive after making a purchase, according to an Alex and Ani jewelry review.

Their shipping policy

For all US orders, Alex and Ani provides free standard delivery. Up to 10 business days are needed for this. Shipping will take three business days for priority shipping. It may take up to two business days for expedited shipment.

With the exception of Quebec, Alex and Ani offers all Canadian customers the same shipping choices. Customers who visit the website can learn more about delivery costs.

Their return policy

If customers are dissatisfied with their goods, they have 30 days to return them from the date of purchase or order delivery. The returned item must be undamaged, with the UPC tag still attached, and packaged properly for Alex and Ani.

Orders purchased online cannot be returned through physical stores, however, they can be exchanged in Alex and Ani company-owned stores for other merchandise or in-store credit.

Visit the “return” page on Alex and Ani’s website to learn more about how to return things.