Kudd.ly Review

Kudd.ly Review
Kudd.ly Review

Home of That Comfy, Cozy Feeling

The simplest technique to assist those who have trouble sleeping is using weighted blankets. They were initially developed by occupational therapists to address behavioral issues, but they are now more often used for relaxation. It is known as “deep-pressure treatment” by experts, and the theory behind it is that the pressure of the blanket can enhance serotonin levels, a neurotransmitter that makes you feel joyful and at peace. Although it’s not meant to treat any medical ailments, it’s become a well-liked method for anxiety sufferers, those who have trouble falling asleep, and people who consider themselves to be “poor sleepers” to get some rest.

Kudd.ly is a weighted blanket that can induce relaxation and improve sleep. Additionally, it can aid with stress and anxiety symptoms. Deep pressure simulation (DPS) is encouraged, and studies have shown that it can benefit with…

  3. ADD/ADHD.
  4. Sensory disorders.
  5. Asperger’s syndrome.
  6. Restless leg syndrome.
  7. Anxiety and depression.

The Kudd.ly blanket is suited for anyone above 30 kg or 6 years old and weighs around 5 kg. And it also gives you amazing benefits like…

  1. Relieving Stress.
  2. Improving Sleep.
  3. Providing a Sense of Security.
  4. Calming the central nervous system.
Kudd.ly Review

Trying the Blanket for Myse

After much online sleuthing for weighted blankets from various brands, I decided on Kudd.ly and it did not disappoint. So, my plan was for me and my daughter to share the blanket to assist with our own problems, but my kid likes it so much that she pinched it for herself and refuses to share. I have tried it out though when I have been feeling stressed or tense. It made me feel tranquil, and that was the sensation I observed. It’s a very odd feeling. An impression of safety and well-being. It’s difficult to put into words. I suppose it’s similar to how a baby feels in the womb, which explains why some newborns prefer to be swaddled.

My kid and I used the Kudd.ly weighted blanket for the first time at a family movie night. She adored it and felt so at ease that she actually requested to go to bed. Never once has she begged to go to bed! As usual, we then went upstairs to bed. I covered her with a quilt and a weighted blanket. She really went asleep after 20 minutes despite the normal shenanigans of nonstop chattering and little wiggling or twitching. That is practically a miracle. I was concerned that it might be an isolated incident, but ever since, she has gone to sleep much more quickly and with considerably less writhing than normal. I’ve at last discovered a solution that works for her! I still haven’t figured out how to keep her sleeping. She does appear to sleep better with the blanket on. However, she wakes up when she tosses and flips in her sleep when the cover falls off. I just need to attempt to find out how to keep it on her as she was already waking up. Perhaps I’ll try superglue next!

Colour Options

The colors of the blanket are among the other features I absolutely adore. Grey or blue are both options. The blue one, we got is wonderful. Additionally, it matches the design of our living room! You’ll be surprised by how soft it is once you open the box. I’m stroking it nonstop! Additionally, it can be washed, which is helpful with kids.

The Kudd.ly weighted blanket is a wonderful tool for relieving stress and anxiety and fostering emotions of peace and wellbeing. If you have a child who has trouble falling asleep, I would certainly recommend giving the weighted blanket a try because it has helped my daughter calm down so that she can go to rest more quickly.

I’ll tell you a secret. As I write this blog post while curled up under the blanket, I’m feeling so at ease that I’m going to take a snooze, seriously!

Kudd.ly Review



Ultra-Soft Fabric.

Sustainably Made.

Machine Washable.

100% Vegan Friendly.

UK Owned & Operated.

Highest Quality & Durable.

Way less costly than other brands.

Grid-like stitching keeps beads in place.


Limited colour options.

Some users say it sleeps hot.

Do Weighted Blankets Really Work?

Yes, according to experts, utilizing a weighted blanket has significant advantages. According to Christine Rocchio Mueller, an occupational therapist at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, “new study suggests they might help lessen or cure anxiety.” Additionally, according to Rocchio Mueller, they can aid those who do not necessarily identify as nervous but nevertheless experience insomnia or other sleep problems. “A weighted blanket might give just enough physiological calm that it helps them relax and go asleep,” she adds. Many people say that laying under a weighted blanket feels like being hugged.

Apparently, Mueller “Reaching out and giving a family member or friend a hug when they’re sad or nervous is one of the most natural things you can do. Even though a hug won’t always fix all of your issues, it frequently makes you feel better by soothing your body, which in turn helps you think a little bit more clearly.” Although weighted blankets have been around for a long, they are now readily available and come in a broad variety. Just keep in mind that they are more expensive than standard throw blankets; the most cost between £100 and £200. But the Kudd.ly is currently £69 [or £59 with the coupon code].

Kudd.ly Review

How Heavy Should A Weighted Blanket Be?

Although the blankets themselves are hefty for adults, you won’t feel as though you’re being crushed by them. To create the pressure, the blankets are often packed with small glass or plastic beads. Because they are denser than plastic pellets, glass beads are the most often used.

How to Choose the Ideal Weighted Blanket Is As Follows

Run the numbers.

The majority of manufacturers advise selecting a weighted blanket that is around 10% of your body weight. So a blanket weighing 15 pounds is perfect for someone who weighs about 150 pounds. Don’t stress about getting it just right; anything between 7 and 12% is okay.


Avoid using large blankets.

Your blanket shouldn’t dangle off the edge of your bed since the weight might cause it to slide off in the middle of the night. Additionally, a greater size ensures the weight is distributed more evenly, which will reduce pressure. You might wish to use a twin or individual-sized weighted blanket even if your bed is bigger.



Anyone who can’t move about comfortably while the weight is on shouldn’t use a weighted blanket. Although they are occasionally utilized as therapeutic tools for kids, it’s crucial to consult their physicians first.