Despite yoga perhaps not being the manliest of fitness disciplines, it has a huge following especially because it’s proven to improve flexibility, posture, strength, and cardiovascular health, and can even reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

It’s perhaps no surprise then that many clothing brands have dedicated lines of yoga apparel, designed to help you become more flexible than ever before. Shorts are especially important for yoga because if you want any chance of being able to perform the splits, you can’t just go and throw any old pair on.

Features of men’s yoga shorts to look out for

When looking for a pair of yoga shorts specifically for the yoga studio, you’ll want to especially pay close attention to the fabric. You want your yoga shorts to effectively wick sweat away from your body, to keep you cool and dry but also to prevent chafing. Not only this but you’re also going to want yoga shorts made with a fabric that’s stretchable too.

Furthermore, men’s yoga shorts should have a loose fit as opposed to skin-hugging, so you can move freely. However, you don’t want overly baggy shorts as they may leave you hanging.

Finally, the lower part of your body will naturally succumb to not-so-great smells with the advent of exercise, so if you can find a pair of yoga shorts with anti-odour technologies to keep them at bay, then that’s a bonus.

Why are yoga clothes so expensive?

Just like any other athleisure outfit, yoga clothes do not come cheap. Manufacturers use the right fabric that will hold its shape and move well when the body moves and stretches. However, good quality yoga clothing is extremely durable and will last you multiple wears, and has been specifically designed to help improve your yoga performance, making the price tag worth it.

Are workout shorts better than yoga pants?

Both works as long as they are comfortable and give you the freedom of movement to do your workout. During the warmer seasons or hot yoga, however, many prefer shorts since they keep you cool better.

Can I wear compression shorts to yoga?

Compression garments are great for weight lifting and sprinting because they are designed to apply pressure to the body. For yoga, compression shorts are NOT ideal; you are better off with shorts that move freely as you stretch.

Best Men’s Yoga Pants

We’ve sifted through the copious number of yoga-appropriate shorts available to present to you the very best pairs from the finest brands available right now.


Rhone was originally a small start-up company that has grown and grown into one of the best respected men’s activewear brands in the business. Known for their high quality construction and fabrics, Rhone’s clothing performs as good as it looks. Rhone has a dedicated men’s yoga range which has been engineered to enhance stretching and versatility.

Rhone’s yoga shorts are soft, flexible, and quick drying. Unlined for full movement, and available in multiple colour choices, these are some of the best men’s yoga shorts on the market.


When it comes to yoga gear, Lululemon is the brand to have. Originating in Canada, their clothing is especially designed for yoga users. The brand has since evolved to provide a more holistic activewear range, but their collection still includes a great range of yoga specific gear that is ultra-stylish and functional.

Lululemon’s T.H.E. Shorts are designed to be the perfect all-rounder for any form of training, but their lightweight build and built-in liner (which extends further than the inseam) lend them to being ideally suited for all manner of yoga poses. Factor in flat seams for minimal chafing and zippered pockets and you have yourself a do-it-all pair of yoga shorts.

Alo Yoga

Much like its name suggests, Alo Yoga is a brand that holds yoga at its heart. They aim to offer clothing that will not restrict the wearer, no matter what they’re doing. With supreme comfort and a modern look, Alo Yoga obviously has an extensive range of men’s yoga clothing which is well worth a look.

Alo Yoga has a huge range of men’s yoga shorts that are available in multiple colour and style options. All with stretch and moisture-wicking capabilities, you really can’t go wrong with a pair of Alo Yoga shorts.


If you’re sick of rocking plain, boring activewear, Vuori might be the brand for you. They offer a range of activewear specially designed for yoga, that is available in a multitude of different colours, patterns, and styles to help you stand out in the yoga studio.

Their range of yoga shorts is no different. Available in different colours, inseam lengths, and fabrics, you’ll find you perform your best while wearing a pair of Vuori yoga shorts but you’ll also look your best.

Olivers Apparel

California-based Olivers Apparel was set up to produce a range of activewear made from a result of “extensive research, design, and development”. The brand puts a solid focus on the fabrics it uses, which includes the weave fabric used for their All Over Short.

Not only does it offer full stretch, so you can carry out that pigeon pose, but it will wick sweat away from your body and away from itself, owing to the fact it’s hydrophobic. Presented with a clean, minimal aesthetic and available in a broad range of colours, the All Over Short (yoga shorts) can accompany you from the yoga studio to the sandwich bar with no problems.


prAna offers sustainably made yoga products for those who are environment conscious, but don’t want to sacrifice on style. They use ethically sourced cotton and recycled plastic to craft their garments which are constructed with fair trade certified labour.

prAna has a small range of men’s yoga shorts that have been designed specifically for yoga. All are incredibly stretchy, soft, and will take your practice to the next level.


Sporting giant Adidas has extensive clothing ranges for all manner of disciplines, but you may be surprised to learn that includes yoga. While some items of clothing can be used across multiple sports, several items within the yoga collection offer enhanced sweat-wicking fabrics that are cut in loose and relaxed silhouettes to allow for optimum flexibility.

Adidas has a small collection of yoga shorts that are stretchy and uber comfortable, perfect for those tricky yoga poses. Available in multiple colours and styles, you’ll be able to constantly switch out your look.


Nike is a company that needs no introduction; the sportswear brand makes quality products that both look great and perform well. Their years of experience with elite athletes and innate desire to innovate enables them to offer some of the best activewear available.

Nike has a great range of yoga shorts for men that all feature dri-fit technology; an innovative fabric that keeps you dry no matter how much you sweat. Available in multiple fits and colours, you’ll be moving through your flow in style.

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