HairBurst Review

HairBurst Review
HairBurst Review

Makes Yourself Beautiful with Healthy Hair!

HairBurst provides vitamins and cosmetics that promote the health and development of hair online. The company provides goods for both men and women, and it makes sure that the formulae it uses are pure, efficient, and free from cruelty.

The brand has a consistent 846k Instagram followers and has already had several success stories of delighted clients who love their stronger, longer hair. Press organizations including Bustle, PopSugar, Harper’s Bazaar, and BuzzFeed have all taken notice of HairBurst.

Want to know more about this business? We have your back. To help you determine if HairBurst is worth checking out, this study will examine their goods, user reviews, specials, and more.

HairBurst Review

HairBurst’s Story

James Hill, the company’s CEO, has been leading HairBurst since its founding in 2014. The primary products of this UK-based company are vitamins and a range of shampoos and conditioners that promote healthy hair development.

This business may already be familiar to you thanks to Instagram celebrity sponsorships. It frequently comes up in conversations centered on hair multivitamin companies like Sugar Bear Hair and Halo Beauty.

HairBurst takes pride in providing reasonably priced items that may be utilized in your everyday routine. The company is renowned for manufacturing high-quality solutions intended to treat over-styling, aging, and inadequate nutrition.

According to the company’s official website, “Our award-winning vitamins, shampoos, growth and volume serums, are all scientifically formulated to deliver a powerful blend of essential vitamins and minerals that hair needs, that work from the inside-out and root-to-tip, helping you to achieve healthier, thicker, stronger looking hair.”

The company has also committed to giving back to the community by allocating a part of sales to Vitamin Angels, a group working to reduce the number of cases of child malnutrition.

Let’s explore the early benefits and drawbacks before we continue with our HairBurst review…


  1. There are several items to pick from, including elixirs, shampoos, conditioners, and HairBurst candies.
  2. Their products are premium, organically derived, SLS and paraben-free, cruelty-free, and GMO-free.
  3. Several excellent client testimonials from internet sites.
  4. A part of HairBurst’s earnings is given away to support Vitamin Angels.
  5. Presents Klarna as a different payment choice.
  6. BOGO promotion on right now.
  7. Orders over $50 qualify for free US delivery.
  8. For some nations, there is international shipping available.
  9. Complete refunds are available after 28 days of return.


  1. Due to FTC disclosure and claims on the effects of the HairBurst hair growth supplements, there is some controversy surrounding this brand.
  2. The consumer is responsible for covering the cost of return shipping.


It’s time to give your hair an internal shine. Whether your locks need a little more help or you’re attempting to grow out a pixie cut, HairBurst has a wide range of products intended to improve hair growth, gloss, and general health.

There are formulae for men and women, including chewable multivitamins, shampoos, conditioners, and elixirs, with certain goods being sold through Klarna.

They also provide items for stimulating your scalp, including their massage roller and brush. This HairBurst review will introduce readers to a number of best-selling books to get things going.

HairBurst Vitamins

No split ends, ethereal shine, and volume for days… It’s only a concept that exists only in fairy tales, right?

You may try HairBurst multivitamins and cosmetics, though. HairBurst has developed tried-and-true techniques to assist hair growth faster and thicker without the trouble of pricey treatments. It was made to reinforce your locks and preserve them from injury.

Below, this HairBurst review will go through some of their top sellers…

Healthy Hair Vitamins

The Healthy Hair Vitamins from HairBurst are designed to increase volume, health, and brightness so that you may instantly revive your drab hair.

These pills boost strength, density, and softness thanks to Biotin, Zinc, Selenium, Collagen, and vital Amino Acids.

In a research the company performed, 98% of participants reported that taking this product caused their hair to grow more quickly.

It also aims to build strong skin and nails, making this compound essentially two-in-one. For optimum absorption, HairBurst advises taking two capsules each morning with meals.

If you’re wondering how quickly these Healthy Hair Vitamins work, the manufacturer claims that customers may see one inch hair growth every month.

The Healthy Hair Vitamins presently cost $35 for a package of 60 pills, or a 30-day supply.

HairBurst Review

Pregnancy Hair Vitamins

Future mothers, you make a lot of sacrifices to ensure the wellbeing of your child. Hormones frequently change over the three trimesters, which frequently results in dull hair. Some typical signs include thinning, dullness, and shedding.

Pregnancy Hair Vitamins are a remedy provided by HairBurst. These are completely safe for women who are pregnant and nursing since they are fortified with a combination of biotin, zinc, and selenium.

In order to provide heroic parents a boost of energy while caring for their children, it also contains the vitamins B2, B6, and B12. You may thus say good-bye to looking and feeling regenerated throughout your hectic day.

The Pregnancy Hair Vitamins are available for $25 for one bottle of 30 pills.

Chewable Hair Vitamins

A spoonful of sweet helps the medicine go down, as Mary Poppins so eloquently put it. In order to make taking daily supplements much more fun, HairBurst’s Chewable Hair Vitamins are flavored with luscious Strawberry and Black Currant.

To aid with texture, manageability, and smoothness, these capsules are made with zinc, selenium, and biotin.

Those who detest taking pills would love the chewable hair vitamins. They also come in the cutest heart shapes, appealing to the inner child in all of us.

In a company-conducted research, 84% of respondents said that the product provided their hair much more body and volume, and every participant said they would use the mixture again.

With numbers like this, you might want to try using the Chewable Hair Vitamins every day to see the benefits for yourself.

The Chewable Hair Vitamins cost $28 for a container that contains 30 pills.

Volume & Growth Elixir

Imagine it as a miraculous potion for your hair. Without using any toxic ingredients, the Volume & Growth Elixir is designed to increase length, volume, protection, and general health.

This is due to its brew of components, which also includes Anagain, Cloudberry Extract, Organic Pea Protein, and Aqua flex Xl-30.

To be more specific, this unique spray may shield hair from UV radiation, pollution, and heat damage. This product, which was made to be secure for daily usage, functions almost like a suit of armor for your sections and roots.

The optimum hair for this spray is clean, moist hair. The product’s maker advises using a few spritzes on the roots of your hair while drying it upside-down (to encourage lift).

The Volume & Growth Elixir, which is $34 for a 125 ml bottle, is recommended as a primer before applying styling products.

HairBurst Shampoo & Conditioner for Longer Stronger Hair

Put your hands up if you routinely use heat, over-wash, bleach, or over-style your hair. There’s no reason to give up on those who are among the mob. These locks can be revived with the Shampoo & Conditioner for Longer Stronger Hair.

With its combination of vital components, this two-in-one package is designed to provide a healthier shine, lessen overall shedding, and increase volume.

This contains ingredients that can assist increase moisture while eliminating extra sebum, such Panthenol and an Amino Acid Complex.

This recipe is completely safe for daily use because it doesn’t include any parabens or sodium lauryl sulfate. To make the hair washing procedure more opulent, it also has aromas of coconut and avocado.

Use the $35 Shampoo & Conditioner for Longer Stronger Hair to transform your morning shower routine, it includes two 250ml bottles.

Customer Reviews

Customers have typically had favorable things to say about HairBurst, according to this review. Some of their most well-liked goods receive hundreds of favorable reviews on their website.

For instance, their Healthy Hair Vitamins have 299 customer reviews and a 4.5/5 star rating overall.

Customers have said that these supplements assisted in growing out their hair to seem longer, and a few HairBurst Before and After images revealed dramatic effects.

As a reviewer for the Healthy Hair Vitamins commented, “I LOVE HairBurst vitamins! It contains vitamins that most others don’t and has helped to reduce my hair loss and my hair being stronger and longer. I’ve had so many compliments about my hair since I’ve been on these,”

Positive comments were also discovered on platforms like Trustpilot and Influenster. There are over 2,572 reviews for this brand on Trustpilot, with an average rating of 4.3/5 stars. For all of Influenster’s goods combined, 224 comments were posted.

Customers from both suppliers said that their products gave their hair new life. After prolonged use, the majority of customers noticed that their locks become fuller, thicker, and softer. According to a Trustpilot review.

“My hair feels softer, healthier, and thicker plus it’s definitely growing longer, slowly but surely. I am impressed with the HairBurst products even though it’s early days. There’s definitely an improvement and I will continue to use HairBurst on my journey to healthy happy hair.” 

Unfortunately, while conducting its study, this HairBurst review also came across a few unfavorable incidents.

A few customers on Trustpilot and Influenster mentioned headaches, nausea, acne outbreaks, oily hair, or fallout after using HairBurst shampoos and supplements as possible side effects.

Additionally, several clients who took some of their items saw no appreciable benefit. According to a review on Influenster, the Natural Hair Vitamins.

“I bought this product to help grow my hair and also give it some volume and strength. worst thing I ever bought personally. After 2 weeks my skin broke out and my hair went from bad to worse. I had so much hair fall out and it became so oily I had to stop using the product.”

HairBurst Review

So, Is It Worth It?

The big question is, does HairBurst actually work? This HairBurst review would conclude that their goods are effective based on the vast majority of favorable customer evaluations cited in relation to their vitamins and cosmetics.

On their website, a number of consumers have uploaded before-and-after pictures that demonstrate how their hair has either generally improved or how the products have, over time, increased hair growth.

When it comes to promoting the advantages of taking daily supplements, the company is pretty thorough. For instance, HairBurst has a page on their website called “How It Works” that goes into further detail on how to utilize their products.

They also make their goods simple to obtain with the aid of Klarna installment payment alternatives, and they contribute a percentage of their profits to charitable groups like Vitamin Angels.

In contrast to other hair multivitamin businesses, which often solely target women, this company offers its products to both men and women.

This HairBurst review would only issue one word of advice: be wary of the company’s exaggerated promises. Although they have a history of having issues with the FTC, HairBurst is still worth taking a look at if you’re ready to put that aside.


Where is HairBurst manufactured?

Their website states that the majority of their items are made in the United Kingdom. They do, however, utilize other facilities in Australia, the US, and Europe.

Is it good for your hair?

According to HairBurst, their products are excellent for your hair based on the promises they make about their vitamins and cosmetics. Whether you’re seeking for anything to merely extend your hair or relief from shedding and dullness, they provide a variety of advantages.

Can it give you thicker hair?

According to this HairBurst review, several of their products, such their shampoos and Healthy Hair Vitamins, are designed to make your hair thicker.

Can it make hair grow everywhere?

This concern is legitimate! You may relax knowing that HairBurst’s products are simply intended to assist the thickness of your scalp hair.

Can it make your hair fall out?

Several instances of hair fallout were reported by certain customers, according to this HairBurst review. Nutrient excess is occasionally a contributing factor, and this side effect might differ from person to person. If you start to notice hair thinning, stop using the product right away.

How soon do HairBurst vitamins start working?

To notice effects, the manufacturer advises taking their vitamins continuously for 90 days. The majority of supplements are safe to take twice day.

How frequently should HairBurst shampoo be used?

Customers should use their shampoos and conditioners no more than two to three times each week, per their FAQ website. The excessive use of cosmetics might deplete the natural oils in your hair.

How much biotin is in HairBurst?

The manufacturer claims that the biotin levels in all of its products are consistently checked to be safe. Visit their website for a comprehensive list of HairBurst components for all of the vitamins and supplements.

Their shipping policy

According to this HairBurst review, they provide free domestic delivery on US purchases of $50 or more. Anything less will incur a $10 fee.

Shipments often arrive in 2 to 8 days. Additionally, they offer worldwide shipping for a few particular nations. A tracking number will be sent to customers via a confirmation email to assist in tracking down their items.

Their return policy

For a complete refund, customers have 28 days to return their items. Items must be brand-new, unopened, and in perfect condition to qualify.

The cost of return postage is not covered by HairBurst. Customers should get in touch with their customer care department to start this procedure.

Final Verdict

HairBurst is without a doubt the most incredible and successful brand ever for addressing your hair problems. They have carefully chosen their items to appeal to every demographic, including males, pregnant women, women over 35, and vegans.

To ensure that their product line is absolutely safe and devoid of animal products, they carefully selected the components that went into it. HairBurst is unique because it uses ingredients like pea sprout extract and cloudberry that no other brand uses.

In addition, HairBurst is providing free shipping on orders over £35 to the UK and EU exclusively. Go to their website right away, get your favorite bundles, and use the HairBurst UK coupon code to save money.